Cold Pavement

How did I end up here?

On this cold pavement, on this cold night, it might be summer but it doesn’t feel right.

Did I get into a fight?

I don’t know what happened, all I know is that I’m laying on this cold pavement.  I can smell the cold air, I can feel warm hands. 

Why is she saying that I’ve been stabbed?

Am I bleeding, bleeding fear?

I’m unsure and I don’t understand. I want to go home now, this cold pavement is uncomfortable. Help me up, make me stand, I want to stand.  

Is that the ambulance or the police sirens filling my ears?

If it’s the police can they take me home so that I can hug my mum?

Everything is dark, I’m trying to open my eyes but I can’t.


Who are you?

Of course I can hear you, just help me get up off this cold pavement.


No I can hear you, I just can’t tell you.

Why can’t I move?

I think my eyes are open but I can only see a shadow, and lights lots of them…


Of course I’m conscious, I can hear you; I just can’t make out where I am or who you are.

I’m Jordan, I’m 17 and I was going home. I think I was attacked. I had my headphones in, I think I fell. I think something pierced through my back. 1…2…3…4 times. All I know is that I was lying on this cold pavement.


“Jordan, Jordan Forester… I love them… tell them I love them”

Why am I so scared?


I can’t breathe…I feel a sharp pain…it’s in my chest…

…am I dying?

…why is everything beeping?

I don’t want to go.

I’m slipping away, I’m trying but I’m going…


Now I know what it feels like to be lying on the cold pavement, clinching on for my life. My time is up… I don’t want any other young man to end up like me. So many of my friends were on the same cold pavement before me, now I’m gone and I don’t want to be.

I suppose I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When will a young person be in the right place at the right time?

I was innocently walking home, anyone of us can fall victim, and knives take lives. How many more young people need to be injured or dead before the issue is universally identified as serious?

Enough is Enough.

I hope they know that I love them.


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